Tutek Media is a Poland based Media House and Film equipment rental.


Pallero blends unique typography pairings, soulful imagery, and calming tones to create a clean and intuitive brand experience for modern change-makers, barrier-breakers, and vision creators who are ready to change the world. (And do it in interior design.)  The concept of visual creation of the Pallero brand e-shop homepage project included the assumption of a coherent presentation of the main product categories in the offer, while responding to the prevailing trends and interpreting them consistently with the brand image. Graphic elements used in the projects were transferred to other channels of brand communication, and were changed every quarter, not only to keep up with the latest trends, but also to create them. In addition, the main banners were changed on average every fortnight, which informed about current promotions, introduced novelties, etc.


The concept of this session was based on the presentation of products in a context related to still life motives inspired by art. Moreover, the arrangement was complemented, both in terms of colour and aesthetics, by fruit and flowers. The colour scheme was presented in tones of warm beige and deep brown with contrasting accents of yellow, orange and maroon. The whole session was  based on the play of natural light and shadows that was in line with the still life theme.




Throughout this project I worked closely with the client to refresh brand identity. I was responsible for producing catalogue, business cards, product cards, social media graphics, web design, photographs and many more. Then, I applied this brand identity to a website design, developed the site on Wordpress and ensured its responsiveness across devices.The goal of this project was to establish a strong and memorable brand identity that could adapt across print and digital media by conveying brand values and the elements that distinguish it. That's the reason why a simple and somewhat technical typographic aesthetic, natural colours, were introduced in the graphic and digital designs.  The gradients in colours dedicated to the brand, outlines, sketches of furniture models were enriching and diversifying minimalistic layout. The whole look was complemented by inspirational quotes about design, which are in line with the brand's philosophy.


Mfactory is the small family manufacture of coffee tables and consoles with soft organic shapes, neutral, earthy tones and tactile, natural materials, such as travertine or marble. Throughout this project I was responsible for creation online catalogue (webpage) and prints.


Nordic Line is an upholstered furniture manufacturer in Poland, which is cooperating with world known Danish designer Kurt Skovby and bold designer Arik ben Simhon from Izrael. Being involved in a project, I designed a set of original graphics which created the brand image in social media, communicated its values and presented products and their functionalities in an original form. On top of that, I organised arrangement photo sessions and offered presentations.


Etno Cafe is a brand that has been present on the market for 9 years and is a broadly understood coffee concept, which includes: coffee roastery, coffee brewery, coffee shop chain. It is a young but very quickly expanding company, which is not just business oriented, but also engaged in cultural initiatives.  Etno Cafe Okraglak stood out from other cafes in the chain, so the decision was made to have a separate profile on Instagram and Facebook.    While creating the image of Etno Cafe Okraglak on social media channels, I primarily wanted to convey a nice atmosphere, chemistry between regular customers and employees, and a unique, homely, friendly atmosphere by referring in the communication to both the product and pop culture, cultural events and life situations that the recipients could identify with.  A colour scheme was introduced that referred to the interior in warm tones, bright geometric images with the presence of the café staff.   This project is a great example of how photos, films and text blend together can create an amazing online experience of a coffee shop.

Live life today like there is no coffee tomorrow.


Malavo was born out of my collaboration with Etno Cafe to create handmade natural soy candles. The scented compositions of the candles were inspired by café fragrances such as coffee, tea, sweet pastries, smoothies and cakes. For the project, I designed labels that were printed on handmade paper with coffee husk. The logo and typography used reflected subtlety and minimalism with a focus on ecology and awareness of the elements chosen.


Sometimes I can't turn my mind off or I have an idea to change or create something just for fun or during learning new features. That's what land in my sketchbook.
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